Rynnes and Reusches in reflected
fluorescent light and camera flash
Thompson Enamels - Transparent series
and Opaque series
Reusches - picture from scanner bed on
white paper
Rubies of questionable rubinity and a
scan of Elskus's photos.
Stolen from Elskus, don't have a cow
Rynnes in incident light
Rynnes and Reusches in incident light
illustrating the transparency of the rubies,
blue-greens, chartreuses and the one blue

in the center
Reusche Samples - cloudy sky - by
Jacques Bordeleau
Reusche Samples in Tungsten light - By
Jacques Bordeleau
I have higher-res photos of these if you
want me to email - lemme know
Reusche Series 5 Lead free
Detail of above
Reusche Series 5 Lead-free in incident light
Ruger & Gunzel Transparents
Debitus Copper Ruby Experiments
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Debitus Copper Ruby Information