These are Frogacuda's friends that live in the studio:
Hillbilly Jim
New Rancor
Buster Bronco
Li'l Gingham
Frogacuda is a toy monster figurine made in the early 1980's as part of set of grotesque sci-fi characters named 'Otherworld'. His name is properly spelled 'Froggacuda'. We like it the other way. He was brought into our home by the children and quickly became a favorite for hand-held demonstrative warplay and the mayhem of chase games. He's been on Don's desk at work since 1984 with only occasional forays into the wilderness during backpacking trips.   
Below is a rare photograph of Frogacuda rampant. The shot is in 'The Narrows' of Zion National Park. Frogacuda guards the campsite at night  accompanied by the elusive 'Mr. Can' who serves as Frogacuda's guide, personal trainer and martial arts instructor.
More photos of Frogacuda's Friends Below
Meet Frogacuda's Newest Friend!